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Interior design is much more than dimensions and decoration. An interior design team can ensure that your project succeeds with all the quality, character, atmosphere and style that you envision.

The process involves many layered decisions, each dependent on the other, to achieve a dynamic, integrated outcome.  Some of these decisions are meant to last a lifetime and some are a significant investment.

It should be fun. We want the client to leave the stress to us and be excited for install.
— Joelle C. Nesen

We bring to your project the experience and expertise to avoid lost opportunities you may not know even know are there. We go beyond the expected, envisioning a lifestyle, and all that goes with it.

We believe in an integrity of form and function that is a source of pleasure in everyday ways -- the pleasing snick of a door handle, the play of light across a subtle palette of paints, the satisfying sink of a properly constructed pillow.

things that are timeless, not trend-driven.


architectural review

lifestyle planning

bespoke furnishings

custom cabinetry

specialty drafting

project management

exclusive craftsmen

new construction and

deep remodel



maison, inc. offers complete interior design services with project management from inspiration through to completion.

We are interested in the way you move within your environment, the ways you entertain and work, the ways you play and relax. We are interested in the objects that hold memories for you, your preferences in everything from art to scents.


We’re like a big family. We truly enjoy each other’s company. We eat, sleep, and breathe a project, emailing and texting each other night and day.

we bring a full professional team to new construction and remodeling, including whole house lifestyle space planning, state-of-the-art kitchens, baths, powder rooms, media rooms, outdoor entertaining, master suites, and more.

Project management is a big part of what we do, and our affiliated tradesmen and crafts-people consistently produce what we require in premium quality. Most have been working with us for many years. 



"Luxurious & livable. Inviting. Very custom."

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Our clients have high expectations, and they love to drop by the office and feel the energy and momentum of this team of designers. It can look a little messy at times, with deliveries coming and going, the phones ringing, and sample boards on every flat surface, but clients delight in how dynamic the process is.

We welcome the collaboration.

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